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Snoopy Bed Sets for Kids

So you're after a Snoopy bed set then? For anyone who does not know who he is then he is Charlie Brown's pet beagle originally featured in the comic strip 'Peanuts'. Since his first appearance in 1950 (over 60 years ago) he has appeared in Charlie Brown's TV show and movie along with 'Peanuts The Movie' in 2015.

Snoopy has a great imagination and if kids could be like him then they should be encouraged :)

We have everything you need for a Charlie Brown and Snoopy themed bedroom including duvet covers and fleece throws.


I found your website whilst searching Google for some bedroom accessories. I saved over £65 using your shop comparisons and discount codes. I will have a happy little boy and girl in my house the Christmas, thank you.

Mrs Chapman, Hampshire

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