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Official Disney Mickey Mouse Bedding

Have you ever seen a Mickey Mouse bedding set? Or been to Disneyland in either Paris or Orlando?

If you've got the Disney buzz then you need the most famous character of them all, Mickey. He is red, black and white in colour and has large ears. He's almost 100 years old as he's been around since 1928 when he first appeared in 'Steamboat Willie'. A very short cartoon.

Mickey and Minnie have been together since the very beginning and now live happily ever after in Disneyland. If you ever want to see them just go there are you can pick up a Mickey Mouse bed set or even a Minnie Mouse fleece blanket.


I found your website whilst searching Google for some bedroom accessories. I saved over £65 using your shop comparisons and discount codes. I will have a happy little boy and girl in my house the Christmas, thank you.

Mrs Chapman, Hampshire

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